Domo, a manufacturer of non-stick aluminum cookware and semi-finished products, is equipped with a Quality Management System certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard integrated with safety management and environmental management, whose system is certified in based on the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard. Domo’s decision to adopt a system that complies with internationally recognized standards for the integrated management of quality and environmental aspects and the working environment, stems from the deep conviction that economic development can and must achieve standards increasingly higher, minimizing, at the same time, the impacts on the environment and citizens and offering welcoming and safe work environments. The implementation of this system is the responsibility of all the staff and responsibilities of the General Management.

In achieving the objectives, Domo undertakes:

  • To comply with current legislation (Quality-Environment and Safety);
  • To meet the requirements of the Interested Parties;
    • To look for less and less dangerous products in the production of our articles;
    • To reduce emissions, energy consumption, water consumption, the use of raw materials, in particular, by seeking coatings with a low environmental impact;
    • to involve, raise awareness and train staff, to acquire awareness of the effects of their behavior with respect to Quality-Environment, Safety;
  • to carry out the periodic review of the System conducted by the Management;
  • the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality-Environment Management System;
  • to prevent pollution situations;
  • to reduce management costs;
  • to verify food suitability every time a process or raw materials are changed, otherwise it undertakes to renew the test reports every three years;
  • to understand the internal and external issues (context), which affect the company’s ability to achieve the strategic objectives it has set for its quality and environmental management system;
  • to equip themselves with all the organizational tools necessary for a rigorous and effective identification of dangers and careful risk management;
  • to define the duties and responsibilities of company personnel, their adequate training and constant involvement in company management;
  • to make adequate resources, economic means and skills available for the proper functioning of its Business System;
  • to empower and involve its Suppliers, adequately qualified and supervised, in the supply of goods and services, at the quality levels required to guarantee ever higher standards of performance;
  • to ensure the necessary changes to its quality and environment management system according to legislative and technical evolution
  • to conduct their business in an ethical manner without bribery, corruption or any type of fraudulent business practice;
  • compliance with the regulations in force relating to bribery, corruption or any type of fraudulent commercial practice;
  • to make available to all reporters a transparent system for confidential reporting of any situations of corruption, extortion and unethical commercial practices;
  • to train the personnel involved in the areas most at risk of corruption (such as purchasing-logistics-administration-commercial) on how to avoid situations of bribery and corruption.

To achieve these objectives, the Company has adopted a whole series of procedures for the collection and synthesis of data to measure and monitor performance in relation to the expected results.

Furthermore, the Management undertakes to make all the necessary resources available to the organization, also in terms of new investments, to facilitate the achievement of the set objectives.



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